Symbol Launch - Release Notes


Following on from the official launch announcement, here are the release notes for the first Mainnet version of Symbol.


This release represents many hours, days, weeks and years work from @Jaguar0625 @gimer @BloodyRookie and the many dev/test teams that have contributed, several open source/community contributors, the NEM Group teams over the past year and before them the NEM Studios and NEM Foundation teams + partners. Particular thanks to Peersyst for their work on the wallets, opt in process and other things, and FDS Software for their work on Ledger.

To these people, the NEM community as a whole owes a huge thankyou for the work, opportunity and dedication to launch the next generation of Blockchain technology.
You can see the live Mainnet block explorer at:

A couple of notes on specific components:

Mobile Wallets

As always need to be published to and approved by the app stores, this is underway and will complete as soon as Apple and Google approve them.


Has now been published on the Ledger Live Manager application for general availability.

Release Notes

Core Server

[] - 12-Mar-2021

Mainnet launch.

[] - 26-Feb-2021


  • sdk: basic support for BIP32 and BIP39


  • fix deadlock between timesync and node selection, #162
  • addressgen - fix matching logic when no substrings match


[v2.3.5] - 13-Mar-2021


  • Updated catapult-server (v1.0.0.0) status codes.


[1.0.0] - 13-Mar-2021

Milestone: Symbol Mainnet

Package Version Link
SDK Core v1.0.0 symbol-sdk
Catbuffer v0.1.1 catbuffer-typescript
Client Library v0.11.1 symbol-openapi-typescript-fetch-client
  • Added callback function in websocket listener for client to handle unsolicited websocket close event.
  • Release for Symbol mainnet.

SDK - Java

[1.0.0] - 13-Mar-2021

Milestone: Symbol Mainnet

  • Release for Symbol Mainnet.

Symbol Bootstrap

[1.0.0] - Mar-16-2021

Milestone: Mainnet(

Package Version Link
Symbol Bootstrap v1.0.0 symbol-bootstrap
  • New mainnet preset!!!
  • Removed node from its own peers-p2p.json and peers-api.json files.
  • Voting keys are ephemeral. They cannot be provided, bootstrap will always generate a new one when resetting the configuration. Bootstrap will never store the voting private key in addresses.yml.
  • Dropped PROMPT_MAIN_VOTING from privateKeySecurityMode.
  • Added PROMPT_MAIN_TRANSPORT to privateKeySecurityMode: The transport/node key will be asked when regenerating the certificates or when upgrading a supernode.
  • Changed server file permission to 0o600

Desktop Wallet

[1.0.0][1.0.0] - 15-Mar-2021

Milestone: [email protected]

  • Symbol mainnet launch release.

Mobile Wallet

[1.0][v1.0] - 12-March-2021


  • Added support for Opt In accounts derivation curve
  • Added Symbol Mainnet nodes and set default network to mainnet
  • Backguard compatibility for previous Opt In version
  • Scan and broadcast Offline Transaction QR codes


  • Fixed harvesting status was not pointing to node unlocked account to check status
  • App was crashing when there was no internet
  • “Node is down” notification was being triggered without node being down
  • Custom node was not detecting valid nodes properly
  • Fixed mosaics with namespace Id were breaking transaction list
  • Fixed fee was not displaying properly on iPhone 11

Symbol CLI

[1.0.0] - 13-Mar-2021


  • Release for Symbol mainnet.
  • Added Opt In mnemonic sopports.

Updated with block explorer link and to confirm that Ledger have now published the Symbol App for general availability via the Ledger Live Manager app alongside the NEM NIS1 app