Symbol Launch - General Status Update (09-Feb-2021)

Following from the previous thread: Symbol Launch - General Status Update (01-Feb-2021).

The below has progressed:

  • One known cause of slow running queries has been found and patch is being tested #570 others are being looked at #561 but #570 is the main culprit

  • Some MongoDB configuration options are being tested to further improve the above

  • The combination of the two above is expected to resolve much of the Desktop and Explorer performance issues as well, there will also be some Wallet specific improvement coming in future releases of the Wallet.

  • Root cause of the recovery issue has been found and a patch is being tested, this should help nodes recover more reliably if api-broker fails again, without requiring resync. #155

In addition two issues below have been resolved and tested:

Various other less noteworthy issues have been resolved on the way through as well.

The summary of the above is that problems are being resolved and progressing well, there is still some more work to do to fully test the patches, we also intend to run and internal performance test prior to any Testnet release to limit potential impact on Testnet generally.

Next steps from here still remain the same:

  1. Finish resolving the REST/MongoDB issues and regression testing the whole release

  2. Release a patch for Testnet, this will require a fork (#151)

  3. Once the network is upgraded and assuming point 1 shows a performance test is ready to be performed, execute a performance/stress test on Testnet

  4. Plan and communicate a Snapshot and Launch date

At this stage, we think point 2 is likely to occur this week but is still subject to some testing to confirm that, as soon as further information is known it will be communicated.


Thank you for sharing the information, Dave. I’m happy knowing it’s going well so far.


Thank you Dave, very nice informations for community.

I’m so excited to read the last steps of future coin SYMBOL.

It seems 2nd half of February will be big for us!


Does that mean all the issues from here Issues · nemtech/catapult-rest · GitHub ? Have this an estimated timeline yet as well?
Was assuming from last update that 151 and 152 issues was the last ones before fork and testing.

Not necessarily all of them

The P1s and some of the P2s are likely to be needed for launch, but not necessarily for the network stress test.

151 and 152 were the last ones - then we ran that interim stress test and found a couple more (155 and 570 particularly)

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Not a frequent commenter here but I really have to applaud the effort, the transparency, and the productivity of the developers and NEM Group. You have tirelessly rose to the challenge and provided the community with constant, unvarnished information which should provide ample reason to confidently maintain an optimistic outlook for NEM and Symbol. I sincerely thank you all.


P2 is expected to occur this week . Then can we expect a exact Snapshot date next week???

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Snapshot date will come after the stress test - until a release is complete and stress happened, there is no prediction for when the date will be announced.

Don’t understand the question on P2, as a general rule any issue that is found is not one we knew about, or it would be a known issue, so “expecting” to find a P2 (or other level) issue is not something anyone can answer reliably on.