Tasks order book to mobilize community volunteers

I wanted to get involved and help out many times but I don’t know how to help. I am very skilled in many things of value but don;t see how I can get involved.
Do you feel the same?

So, I have this idea which in itself might be my contribution to the ecosystem and community if nothing else.

Can we have “tasks” open source volunteer work order book that community can volunteer to take care of?

Examples for marketing and influence
▲We need each member to tweet at this exchange today and tomorrow to add Symbol.
:heart: We need instructional youtube video created to help introduce new people to the ecosystem.
:diamonds: Just added a new feature to the test-net can everyone go play with it and report any bugs or suggestions
:heart: Ask about NEM/ Symbol ; in other forums/ conferences/ Media post video or re-tweet for everyone to share, use the network

Leadership needs to ask “what needs to be done” then delegate what can be done by the community members to the community.

Social media account to post tasks too might help as people might see more often then here


Yes . Im ready too.

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I am from Taiwan ~ I also want to do my best


This is a fantastic thread @TulipMaina, thank you.

This type of approach is exactly what is being worked into the plan I mentioned will be released within 1 month, I wholeheartedly support this initiative and it absolutely gels with what is likely to be suggested in a few weeks.

If anyone who agrees on this thread wants to get involved, even if you have other commitments or are busy, as part of a focus group, running the list, doing the work whatever. Please put your contribution above or let us know, we will very very happily support this approach.

Great work!


bump given several other posts of a similar nature

Its fantastic to see more of these kinds of posts and subjects coming, we are definitely watching and trying to work any ideas into the plan that is being written.

Do please contribute to these threads! There are a few just now, linking them all in comments from each other:

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I come from China. I am a NEM staker. I’ve been doing it


I would like to take part in it.

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