The lack of information is becoming disturbing

We have Inside NEM and Tony’s videos for “news” but in my view that doesn’t even cover the very basics.

Why is there no roadmap or even any hint of a plan ?
These clearly exist internally, I doubt the whole team is operating on whims. So why not at least give out a little bit of information ? You don’t want to oversell, or create hype ? That’s good, but just being silent isn’t a great idea either.

I can’t remember the last time there was a solid update from the dev team. Are they still alive ?
When have the docs for the API last been updated ?

I appreciate all the hard work everyone is probably doing - I’m saying probably, because there is no way to tell - but just tell us some more about it ?

Once Catapult is finally released on the private chain, are we going to get an overview of the features then ? Or do we have to wait for public realease ? Are we even going to find out by the time it’s realeased publicly ? I don’t put anything past you guys at this point. I’d fully believe you just releasing it without so much as a tweet.

At the London meetup Jeff himself said that you want to get you act together, in regards to marketing. When is that going to start ?


I think you are being a bit unfair here. Just look at the amount of videos produced by “Inside NEM”

There is a lot of “basic info” covered here.

I agree, I would like to see a general roadmap in the form of a blog post.

There are certainly updates from the dev team, the same dev team that has been working on this project since inception

I don’t see why that info wouldn’t be released at that time.

You can’t have it both ways. On another post you are complaining about the marketing methods (sponsoring a basketball team), and now you are complaining that marketing hasn’t started?


What can I say? It is hard. I would love to talk more about NEM projects but currently I am not authorized to even getting information about those projects, all informations I have in my videos are from my own sources. Alex is travelling around the world and have inside news. I am not :frowning: Never had any help from NEM team while doing my videos, only Nelson is helping me promoting them. No wonder why “Sir Yuba” deleted all his NEM tutorials…
What basics would like to see in our videos? I am open to all suggestions!


In no way was my post meant as criticism towards you or your videos. I actually mentioned them as positive examples. At least that way my intent.
What I’d like to see is exactly the kind of information you don’t have though. A roadmap. A rough timeline. A planned feature set. Just anything of substance.

This project looks next to dead in terms of development. I mean really ? The best they got is an animation and a few lines throwing around terms noone even knows what they are ?

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I agree with @memario. What is more, lack of an official answer regarding this situation is even more disturbing.

My answer above doesn’t count for anything?


Should we consider it as official statement of the NEM foundation?

Don’t get me wrong, but I guess everybody who is interested in NEM is willing to hear some updates from the management and developers team. What is more, I think it’s their duty, especially when real money comes into play and as we have XEM behind NEM, there are real money.

I am not saying about detailed plan and everyday updates, but I guess general roadmap with milestones and deliverables would be fair.

No, I am not a member of the foundation, but I have been working on NEM since day one, so that should count for something.

I agree. Again, since I am not in the foundation, I have no control over this. I would like to see a roadmap too.
My comments come as a person that has been involved in and followed NEM since inception.


Hi Saul. Since you are not in the foundation, I’m seriously asking who will be able to address these kind of questions people is asking? I’m sorry but I will only see big dumps, I don’t think forks are causing the price to fall so hard, if you look at the competitors they didn’t take it so rough so the problem is definitively the lack of a serious marketing strategy, from the outside it looks NEM thinks the product is so awesome it will sell by itself, there is competition out there and I don’t see. A baskbetall team sponsoring IS NOT a branding strategy it is just plain dumb and makes it look like the foundation doesn’t know what they are doing.

I don’t want to sound harsh or offensive, but XEM will loose it’s top 10 status very soon if they do not hire a PR company to handle the marketing and social media campaigns.

Jesus, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this project is heading towards a failure. Good ideas fail without leadership and proper investment, seems NEM Foundation is not ready for being a major competitor in the space because they are so much in love with their idea think it will automatically convince everybody else to jump in, sorry but this is not bitcoin in 2009, it’s freaking 2017 and there are savage competitors with more apetite which will accomplish with less innovative products.

This is coming from someone who’s been a HODLER from the past 9 months and got into NEM because of the awesome tech behind it, hoping the only problem it had was the easiest to solve, which obviously is the branding affairs… but doesn’t seem to have improved. too little too late in my opinion so I might get off this boat soon…

You bought a coin for ~0.005 $ and could sell it for ~0.18 $ at the moment. That’s fantastic.

I suspect the lack of information stems from the fact that the foundation lives in a bubble. They don’t think it’s important to build an online community and give that community information so long as they have their deals work out. They want to drive adoption by businesses not people (this is all speculation of course).

While this would be a viable strategy, they don’t seem to be achieving much of anything. Many attendances, many talks, many neat things but not really anything that will actually do anything for NEM in terms of adoption an utilization. Most things are ICOs, very few actually utilize NEM permanently. I think the ICOs are part of what’s hurting the price but that’s debatable.
It pains me to say this really because I’m sure they’re all working incredibly hard. But I feel that their strategy is plain bullshit if they don’t sell it to people. The lack of even minor information shows hubris and lack of leadership. I’ve come to respect both Lon and Jeff and I’m sure everyone else in the foundation is just as capable but what they’re doing seems to be ineffective. At least so far as we know. It’s not like WE’RE GETTING ANY FREAKING INFORMATION.

Honestly if the info that is getting out, is all the info there is that the result of all that hard work is less than impressive to put it mildly.

And the craziest things is that they have a ton of money at their disposal. The funds are absolutely massive, even after the crash.

Of course right now everyone is even more irritated because the price is dropping like a rock and many are losing money. But this sentiment has been around forever and it hasn’t even been addressed with so much as a forum post.

I’ll watch it for another month, then I’ll probably sell my XEM. Not that anyone cares.

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Hi guys,

While our communication strategies can definitely use some improvement, and we would like to improve more in the future, we have been regularly reaching out on some platforms.

We have been making weekly videos via Inside NEM and almost daily Tweets and Posts on Facebooks. Please follow these sources for some of the latest news.

There is lots of good news and projects building or looking to build on NEM. Many of these have switched away from Ethereum. Examples include but are not limited to,,,,, and These are just the ones that have come out and made public statements. Behind the scenes, there are at least 10 more we are working on.

In time there will be more and more good news.

Per the Catapult timeline and roadmap, I know everybody is excited, but please be patient, it is a great work in progress.

That being said, we will not fill the airwaves and blogs with pump news like other platforms do. If you like the short-term goal, the others are better. We are indeed working on longterm projects with real partners. This has been quite slow and maybe wasn’t the best plan to begin with, we did what we could with what we had, but I feel like if we stick with it, we can pull it off and NEM will be a shining example of blockchain done right, not fast and easy.



Thank you for taking the time to reply!

I do think you missed the point but I’m kinda tired of it all so let’s leave it at this.

Anyways, thanks for replying and good luck.

Please follows NEM’s action on below channels.

All info from

Telegram groups

ok I am not sure about the rest yet Marketing.
I live in Australia and I can guarantee an American accent in Australia does not sell.
To me it is cliche.
So while Inside Nem is a great channel I doubt it crosses borders as good as it could.
In saying that Alex is doing a fantastic job at bringing nem news to folk.
Also it is a channel based on one coin, I see other channels with clueless fools get upwards of 10k subs just because they spruke many coins in general.
Yes a tough audience.
Youtube is also pretty much Google, a future platform?
Well it is nothing new.
Most on youtube are directed to content through their Google searches.

So some of these channels with clueless nobodys are making $500.00 a month and upward, some make $50.00 a video.
With no content other than drivel.


Hi Jeff,

I mentioned this in the memoirs topic - an expectation has (rightly or wrongly) been set with the community/market around Catapult release and this needs to be properly managed, especially with just 56 days to the end of the year.


You do have to realize that that statement was made regarding catapult on the private Mijin chain. The release on the public network will likely be a couple of months later.

I do realise that - and if Catapult goes live on Mijin by year end as expected, there will be street parties in the NEM community :slight_smile:

Problem is if it doesn’t… and if there’s no pre-warning or management of the expectations. then excitement will likely turn to negative emotion.