Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here! [MOVED]

Thanks for your fast reply

2 days ago i do a deposit in yobit and i get it my xem when i speak to the support it respond with this :
Deposit/Withdrawal coin will be available after you upgrade the source code of the wallet. Unfortunately the developers are in no hurry to send you updates

  • therefore, in order to avoid the loss of users, the network is not available.
    If you have updated the source code of the coin, send us ( Free)and we will promptly correct the problem on the coin.
    Thank you for contacted the support.
    please help me i don’t know how i do the upgrade???
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Thank you for replying.

I have no clue who that address belongs to. I never put an address in so I don’t know how it went anywhere really. All I put in it was the message. Maybe it belongs to NEM? How can an address just put itself into the transaction?

Continuing the discussion from Nem Balance doesn't arrives to my address on poloniex [MOVED]:

still i don’t know what is mean by Deadline: 2017-12-07 17:08:39

@aissam06 please look at this thread Xem wallet maintenance on yobit.
Yobit has NEM maintanence…

This is your transaction:

Recipient is: nckv5i-mpu633-zsoupw-esfwpe-d5hz5q-onpyt5-frzo
I search forum and it looks like this is Shapeshift wallet (Missing XEM attached to TX as a Mosaic [SOLVED])

what you need is contact with Shapeshift support. Provide them transaction hash and they should return your tokens.

Thank you

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It has nothing in common with your problem but I can explain.
I just copy-paste definition from whitepaper:

“Transactions have a deadline. If a transaction is not included in a block before its
deadline, the transaction is considered expired and gets dropped by the network nodes.”

Because your transaction is already in block it’s not important in your case. Transaction was included in block before deadline.

If you have more questions please ask.

Thank you

You seriously rock! Thank you very much for helping me with this!

bittrex does not answer
spectrocoin does not answer

How can it be done?

@Simone_Caparrotta 10 days … Pretty long.
Unfortunatelly only Bittrex here can return your tokens and tell why they are not processed automatically I’m afraid.

but is the transaction completed successfully?

it’s the usual time that happens to me and I do not know if everything is ok on the blockchain

Yes. Transaction looks ok in blockexplorer. I’m not sure why bittrex doesn’t process this transaction automatically. They should provide some explanation.

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thank you very much for your availability

Simone i have the same problem
no one help since 7 days
am still waiting
everyday i open new support ticket at Bittrex and Spectro
No answer :frowning:

then the problem is bittrex!!!

they do not have a forum, they do not have a chat, I do not respond to emails.
A bad problem

I also lost my NEM in a transaction from spectrocoin to bittrex.

Transaction ID : 20a248ff02f064b716fe4e09ea7cd1d74f2b62d544627d6b0a481a1a2b816c4c

I created a ticket at bittrex, but since 4 days now no reply.

You think I will get my coins back?

It’s just wird that only spectrocoin transaction with correct message code are not processed by Bittrex/Poloniex. I hope Bittrex support answer what is wrong with spectro transactions because it looks ok but probably it’s not. If they answer what is worng we can tell Spectro to fix this…

Unfortunatelly you must wait for answer @Heraldr

how could that be ?
you don’t know if the wrong from Spectro or Bittrex ?
how could we know ?
if it’s out from Spectro that mean it’s on the way
or it’s arrive to Bittrex and stay there
i don’t know why that’s happens
this is the first time i transfer XEM so i don’t know who should i blame

You don’t understand. Now tokens are for sure on bittrex wallet, transaction is made correctly and bittrex balance increase.
I just wonder why it’s couple transaction with correct address and message code and not processed by Bittrex and they are from
For sure you should wait for bittrex answer and explanation. Hope not to long…
Thank you

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I’m one of these who forgot to include the message while transfering XEM through Changelly. I can’t find the transaction hash in the block explorer either. Can anyone help, please?


Thank you