Exchanges that have Announced XYM support

This is a quick holding thread while a page is created for the website, I will try and keep it up to date or remove it later when the web page is published:

Exchanges Announced Opt In & Listing Support

Exchanges Announced Opt In but not yet distribution

Exchanges Frequently Asked About who have Yet to Confirm

  • Poloniex
  • Bittrex
    - Others to be added as needed (off top of my head)

The team have approached all the major exchanges who list XEM currently and provided information and offered to answer any questions etc related to integration of XYM and supporting the Opt In for their customers.

Ultimately it is the choice of the third parties/exchanges to support the new protocol and XYM, that choice is often driven by customer desire and if you are wondering why your favourite exchange hasn’t yet announced support - the best way to find out is ask them.

It will also let them know you want it as their customer which is partly how they measure what their customers want…so its a bit of a win win really, submit a support ticket, tweet at them, hit them up on telegram, send a hand written letter, or a pigeon…or do all of them!

I have deliberately linked the tweets where possible - I’m sure they won’t mind if you like or retweet with cashtags/hashtags to show your appreciation ($xem $xym #nem #symbol)

For anyone who missed it, or any exchange reading this, the Snapshot and Launch Date have now been confirmed, a full exchange support pack is available to any who want it and several of the above have been supported with technical questions etc. Just let us know what help you need and we will do our best to support you.

If I have missed any then let me know and I will try and update it (ideally with a link to the announcement)


DMM Bitcoin does not offer XEM spot trading.
I think a note is needed.


Thanks a lot. This answers my question. Ä° will be asking those exchanges with all the tools i have.


Thanks. I will add a note.

I cant see that website it has a geo block outside Japan so am relying on links the community tweeted. If there is a better page to link just let me know as well


Huobi added


Is this an official announcement from Huobi Global? The link is only for Chinese financial media information.


The Nem Trading team have confirmation directly that it is real. It seems to only be on Chinese Crypto media for now but it has been confirmed


I got it.
I wish Huobi Global would officially announce it.


Me too.

They have posted in Japan overnight (updated in my 1st post)


Poloniex and Bittrex, both are compulsory because of long and trusted history.

A page has been put up on the website as well with this info:

I will try and add to this post anyway but that is the main source of information


what a pathetic list :unamused:

And finally binance!

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