Need help for NEM Wallet forgotten password recovery - Reward offer

Hello. I offer $5.000 (in BTC or XEM) to anyone help me to retrieve or change, my lost passwords in my two NEM Wallets. (Not nanowallet, old NCC Wallet). I have both .adb and .wlt files. There are old (2015) wallets and I have not operated these, since 2015 and I forgot my passwords. Now the XEM has significant value and I want to operate again the NEM System and access my wallets. But unfortunately, I forgot the passwords and I have not writen the public key or these. Can anyone help me?
Thank you very much.
Please send me private message, if you can.

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TO BAD i am no techy, sure @mizunashi can help

check this out some guy had same problem

Have you any clue about that how long password was, how many letters, about specific letters in password?

One more thing. As I understand:
.adb file contains addressbook
.wlt file contains wallet file
Both are protected by the same password. You can send only .adb file to someone to crack it. If this person succeed you can exchange password for your reward.
In other case if someone has .wlt and .adb file he can withdraw all tokens.
@mizunashi can you confirm? I’m not familiar with old client.
What I suggest is to send only .adb (address book) file.

Good morning. Japan is before 9 o’clock in the morning.

If you are sure that you were using the address book, you can calculate the password if you decode it successfully by computing on the computer later.
I do not want to write it here, but do you remember the characteristics of the password?
· Approximate length of password
· Characters included (alphabet lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, etc.)

The more you narrow down, the more likely it is to discover and the less time it will be.
PM can also do so, can you teach me?

We will only share with you @CryptoBeliever awelm about the information we receive.

Thank you.

I could try write some program to brute force password based on. adb file (I dont need wlt file) but I dont do this before. Please PM me this file.
If you remember some details about password please also provide it.If password is long I dont think it will be possible.

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In NCC and NanoWallet, adb format is different. But here’s the software to convert this format.

However, in order to convert old-style adb files to new-style adb files, a wallet password is required.
Moreover, I think that the source code of this software is very helpful.