Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here! [MOVED]

Здравствуйте! 7-й день тех поддержка не отвечает. Из-за того, что не было указано сообщение, монеты XEM зависли на бирже. Я не знаю, что делать… Помогите пожалуйста, может быть XEM имеет выделенную почту для связи с руководством ?..XEM 584.715000

tx hash: 556dd94fb70ba92579fd6a6f8c478644cfd8c33e69cd20fbaed7871833d5b0e8 СООБЩЕНИЕ 7e0b98c5e363d32ba0d.

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Guys, finally, my coins came to me.

When you deposit xemcoin sir

Thanks for all appreciating with me finally I have received my cryptopia xemcoin thanks buy

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I transfered XEM on December 10, 2017 from the Zaif.
However, because I transferred from Zaif with multisig, it is not deposit to the Livecoin.

Transaction details

Block: 1408742
Hash: 436853d89534355d77f2d5c0adb9802a15e6c629da5358e99e96b2667fdb93f7
Sender: nctwkw-gd564g-iqqcz5-x5tc4y-m46vxw-lt3qwd-5nlz
Total Fee: 1.100000 multisig wrapper fee: 0.500000
Timestamp: 2017-12-10 04:50:26 Deadline: 2017-12-10 05:50:26
Signature: c73378b4226b461c92b86512c8df7ec0b2ce52b57e95f0696c3af991f29d93c666e3136f54afdd7258ffab383cf4d51851aea21f71a939f0be3f74edc6293d05
Transfer transaction
Block: 1408742
Hash: bb59675a09cda0fbb5c099e9340daaa51f8d8ff6f824c51994ddd20ce28562da
Sender: nagjg3-qfwyz3-7lmi7i-qpsgqn-yadgsj-zgjrd2-diya
Recipient: ndkidq-ovcgn4-63jusa-uj3ykg-lvvlsz-v3zka4-6jqc
Amount: 4631.000000
Fee: 0.100000
Timestamp: 2017-12-10 04:50:26 Deadline: 2017-12-10 05:50:26
Message: ad4ba0be4c6f713d
Cosignatures: 1
Cosignatory: nbem6s-fohu5p-origav-g3nnji-mcg73r-2tweei-daz5
Timestamp: 2017-12-10 04:51:49
Signature: 9cd9dcbba803e2f9dd56654facadaaaab818eed5a61e2b18efdb70f46580465d558fdf354666377c5fb927a0a348811473a53b32f842a4e538cabe1db4e6c304

This is the reply of livecoin.

Unfortunately, we can not operate with multisig transactions, for this reason, in the deposit form there is a warning "Please don’t send transactions from multisig accounts. We don’t process mosaic transactions and any inner transactions. We process only standard transactions with correct “message” field. (you can get your “message” by pressing deposit button) "

I read a forum of the same situation.
On failure sending even if I wrote accurate address and message. No one help me

I understood desperate, but is there any way to regain my NEM?

Hello Mizunashi,

Please help me if you can. Yobit still hasn’t helped me with my 1000 NEM I sent with the correct signature and they closed my ticket and said they updated my wallet but it’s not reflecting it at all. I don’t know what else to do because it’s been 3 months now and it’s now worth $1,400 :frowning: I have multiple tickets open and nowhere else to turn. I’m losing hope. Please let me know what your thoughts are and/or if you can help me in any way. Is there somewhere or yourself that I can donate some NEM if you help me get it back? Thank you so much!


Yes, the support said this to me as well

Dear user.
XEM wallet is updated.
If your still have problems with deposit please create a new ticket again

They closed my ticket and that was the end of it. I have had 3 tickets closed and 3 more tickets still open for 3 months and 1000 NEM is still there or what? :frowning: It’s a lot of money for me. Please help in any way. Thanks!


Yobit will hear bad rumors even now, including other currencies.
However, it is very problematic to leave the situation where things you deposited with Yobit do not return.
It takes as long as this.

It is you now that you can request refund here.
We do not have more authority.

If you contact support and do not do anything, it is a fraud.
I think that it would be better to notify the police.

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What type of authority or jurisdiction would they have against an international exchange like that? I may contact an attorney and there’s a lot of other people who would be a part of that lawsuit and pressing charges as I’m not the only one this happened to.

This was the supports response after 1 month and they canceled this ticket as well.
2017-12-13 07:41:10 warden
Dear user.
All XEM deposits received and withdrawals are sent.
If you still have problems please create a new ticket.
Nothing changed. It seems like a lot of work to try and get my NEM back and no way to get a refund or request it with the NEM network or? Sorry, I’m not too familiar with the coding and system. Thanks!


Извините меня, но я не могу найти свой перевод. На ту транзакцию которую вы мне прислали, мне пишут следующее:

Great to hear that!

What I can add is that also facebook profile are scammers because they steal 1000 xem from one of NEM community members. More here: Of course yobit told that has nothing in common with this fanpage but they alsp don’t report to facebook so it’s suspicious.

I don’t know where Yobit is registered but maybe reporting to they national Police is good idea.

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Вы уже знаете идентификатор транзакции:
Это ваша транзакция:
Верный? Просто сообщите платежу о том, что депозит не прибыл, и укажите идентификатор транзакции.

You already know transaction id:
This is your transaction :
Correct? Just report to coinpayment that deposit didn’t arrive and provide transaction id.

LiveCoin approach to client is bad. Most of the good exchanges like for example bittrex in such a situation would return the coins manually. For me, it’s simple stealing. Of course they put warning but it nothing change to me. They take from you and @hisa over 12000 xem which is almost 20k $ now.
IMO you should spam about this situation all they social media (I can help you). I sould not give up.

If they don’t return your coin next step in my opinion should be warn them that you this case report to police from place where they are registered (as far as I know it’s US).

They can easy check that these money are on they wallet.

Hello there,
I send about 1260 XEM from Cryptopia to my Yobit address. It was first transaction for this wallet.
Now this transaction status is complete, its
TransactionId- 7d05e5eebaebaa1749445a9760b07fc5888b191c38a71d1fd96781c9e1a11ec5
I sent a wrong message mistakenly
there is no money in my yobit XEM address.
Help me please to find my money.

This is your transaction :
Because you include incorrect message code you must contact with Yobit exchange, provide transaction hash and ask for manually credit this transaction to your account.
I must also warn you that many people reported Yobit and contact with they support as a potential fraud.

thanks pawelm

i will try to negotiate a little more with livecoin
for the future of cryptocurrency

i will report if there is any progress

Hi, thanks for your response, The transaction ID was 517102fa5caf49b1ee3b7915343b67d0436244e9f29a0fa73eee0f907c7dba16

Waiting for update !