Post-Election Thoughts

I guess everyone is taking a breather now and wanted to add my 2-cents.

Yeah, like many people the elections left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s unfortunate that there were some races with such a wide disconnect between the community and the official vote. If there were any shenanigans going on I wish people would just man-up, but I know that is not going to happen.

Anyways, there is no reason to relive the whole thing again and @Xpedite wrote up a thorough overview of the core issues surrounding the election and there are some great responses regarding the POI vote. This should give the community hope going forward, especially when the next elections come around.
Kristof Van de Reck’s Post Election Note

I appreciate Kristof’s transparency, apology, and willingness to vote in line with the POI poll. Thank you!

Now, our job as a community is to keep the Foundation accountable to key commitments that have been made. Go back over their policy documents and have a good read. If necessary hold their feet to the fire in a good way :grin:

Alex Tinsman.pdf
Nelson Valero.pdf
Jason Lee.pdf
Dona Rinon.pdf
Anton Bosenko.pdf
Jeff MacDonald.pdf
Steve Li.pdf
Mark Price.pdf
Pedro Gutierrez.pdf
Hiroki Koga.pdf

It would be nice if each Foundation member would have an open & running thread to give periodic updates and engage in dialogue with the community. Reading over this forum the past month, here are some key issues that come to mind:

Financial Transparency
Foundation Accountability

I’ve been with NEM since the beginning and have held through the thick and thin. This struggle is all part of growing pains. Change is good. Now is the time to get behind the Foundation and especially Alex and move NEM forward!


Thanks for sharing this! We’re putting final touches on a communications update on this very thing for the community. Please also keep it in mind we officially transition over to new positions on January 1st. The GOOD news is that we have been very proactive - in fact we all began working 5 minutes after we were officially elected (and when the EGM concluded.) Previous Council met 1/month. We’ve met at least 3x via web conference in the past few days. :wink: We’re heads down on legally transitioning over and pulling together a scope what the next 30-60-90 days look like along with accountability for all projects/roles.

As a side note, I love that you posted this. Our goal is to be effective, not exclusive. Feedback like this keeps us on the right side of the community. Thank you.


a great idea, we should not let each member forget about the electoral promises, having each member a thread as it was done in the voting is something basic since now each of them has to maintain contact with the that we are followers; Great job, all for Nem

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Thanks for bringing this up. Will take note on especially on the below:

We will make sure the roles that we play in ExCo/Council will not be taken lightly, it is an honour and also a responsibility to be custodians to the community and a channel to communicate to the world why are clear that NEM should be the platform of choice. Thanks @greentea


I would like the Council to consider the following two in the future.

1. How to select councils
I think it is important that there is trust in the Core-Dev and the community.
for that reason,

  • Core-Dev votes whether the candidate is trustworthy.
  • The community votes whether the candidate is trustworthy.

2. How to select country leaders
I think it is important that each country’s community can trust country leaders in each country.
for that reason,

  • The community votes whether whether the country leaders are trustworthy.

I would like the Council to consider making voting A LOT more inclusive and easier to do. I know I am repeating myself. But, I would like clear guidelines proposed and implemented that solve this issue so we have much better participation next time.

To be specific, two of Alex’s three values are:
• Decentralization
• Equality of Opportunity

To me Anonymity of our members is paramount for both of those values. To be truly decentralized and uncensored we can’t have a proof of age or identity or KYC be part of voting. This point also goes for equality of opportunity. We should not discriminate with age verification or proving identity.

In the next election these things should NOT matter:
Nationality: and/or any proof requiring legal documentation form any government.
Age : Ideas don’t have age and we should include anyone no matter their age.

In the last election we needed a passport to prove identity an age; both of which I strongly disagree as they conflict with values of fairness/equality and decentralization.