NEM Mobile App: Open Beta and up to Bug Bounty Paid in XEM. Testing Mainnet Release

Released on the Play Store Here

We need more participants for testing the NEM mobile app on Android and iOS. That is why we are starting the open beta phase now and are paying a bounty. of 500 XEM for every legit bug or enhancement. There will be a reward of 250 XEM for regular issues reported, and 100 XEM for minor but actionable issues. The new bug bounty system is posted on the NEM website. The decision if a bug or enhancement is legit will be jointly made by jabo38 and mixmaster (reproducible and real bugs that need to be fixed). To get the bounty, the easiest way is to leave your main net NEM address at the bottom of the description field of the new GitHub issue. For those that have trouble with GitHub, they can request in the telegram/slack chat to have mixmaster or jabo38 post their issue and address for them.

We recommend to join our “NEM::Mobile Testnet” group chat on telegram. Write a PM to mixmaster or jabo38 (forum or telegram) to get added to that group.

To help NEM and yourself:

###Phase A: Download and install the NEM app


Testnet Release, the latest 1.0.64

Mainnet, the latest 1.0.65

Note: To be able to install an app which is not available on Google Play Store, you have to enable “Unknown Sources”. You find it here: Settings > Security and check the box next to ”Unknown Sources “. (A dialogue box may pop-up asking you to confirm the action, just tap OK to confirm.)
Warning: The NEM team is not responsible for any loss of funds that may occure while testing the mainnet app. Please back up your keys immediately when testing.


  1. Download the app “TestFlight”
  2. Send your Apple ID (telegram/forum) to mixmaster or jabo38 in a private message. This is necessary so that you can test the app from iOS.

###Phase B: Get some testXEM (play money on testnet)
There are several ways to get some testXEM:

  1. Share your Invoice or My Info QR or your testnet address on the telegram group, in here or in our testnet thread.
  2. Start the app and import a private key from the list below. Please post which key you used.

Import password is: 20172017

Testnet #22:

###Phase C: Test the app:

  • Look at Android GitHub or iOS GitHub for resolved but not yet closed issues, try to reproduce them.
  • Try to send and receive transactions and generally test every feature you can to make sure everything works.

###Phase D: Report bugs

  1. If you experience a problem, try to make a detailed description (report your device, OS version and app version) and take screen shots if that helps understanding the issue.
  2. If you are familiar with Github, check if your issue already exists and if not, create a new issue with your detailed description. Otherwise discuss the problem in the telegram chat or in here.

###Phase E: New app release gets available

  • Please repeat tests on the app
  • If you have made a report on GitHub and it is fixed, please close the issue.

Most important, if you have questions, ask us!

Good luck


And here are some more wallet QRs you can use to import.
Password is 20162016.

Testnet #23:

Testnet #24:

Testnet #25:

Testnet #26:

Testnet #27:

Testnet #28:

Testnet #29:

Testnet #30:

Testnet #31:

Testnet #32:

Just to be clear, core members of the NEM team are not eligible for bounties.

And here is my address book QR and address, please feel free to send me a message requesting some more test XEM and I can send you some back.


can we get the qr codes for some wallets with those priv-keys in there ? Much easier to import that way.

For those wanting an auto-invite into the mobile chat in Telegram, here it is.

And for those wanting to join Slack, here is the auto-invite for that too.
(Slack people will need to be added manually to the specific mobile app chat so please ask once your in the general chat)


Please me ivite code

@mad_moss All you have to do is download it and add yourself with one of the testnets by importing it

Please me invite!!!

Mad Moss, You are iOS, right? If so I will add your email.

yes my ios
my icloud mail

2016-02-17 13:05 GMT+06:00 jabo38

Just imported test#5 on Android Samsung note3

Testnet #3: 27366024ca5567d7d390bf9d1c61c2d6fd6ded14f16d1f8101a67064cd2af987

Testnet #9 on Huawei Honor 7

New version for iOS, 24, is released. It should have all the major features in it. We just need to go through everthing one by one and test for bugs or things that aren’t right.

We definitely need 6 plus and 5s sized screens testing.


Please me ivite code IOS Apple

thanks mei san. I will get you added to the list. please download the app called “Testflight”. When the next iOS release is out, Testflight can send you a message.


Please me ivite code IOS Apple