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I have switched from the iPhone 7 to the X and had the NEM app on my iPhone 7. As I back up my data from the 7 to X the NEM app showed.

I can still log in into my account and see my account, so I wanted to transfer my NEM but it shows me “failure_signature_not_verifiable”. I have read that I need to check the private key. Unfortunately I don’t have it saved anywhere and can’t create a new account.

When I go on more more and try to export my account on the iPhone the app crashs.

Is there any way to get the NEM transferred to a different account or are they lost?


Maybe you have old iphone? If not and you don’t have private key backup maybe @thomasoehri ( ios mobile wallet dev) could help you.

Unfortunately I don‘t have a private key back up. @thomasoehri would be great if you could help

I have the same exact problem… every time i treid to move coins app crashes.

Depending on what method you have used to create a backup of your data it is possible that not all necessary information gets backed up. The app stores non-sensitive information in a local database, which always gets backed up. The local database includes for example your account name and address. That‘s all that is needed to show the account balance and transactions for the account if you restore the backup on another device. But to actually have access to the funds on your account you also need its private key.

The private key gets saved to a different storage, the Keychain, a safe storage on your device which for example also gets used by Apple to store your credit-card information or passwords. When you create an unencrypted backup of your device with iTunes, sensitive information like the Keychain won‘t get backed up. That is because it would be unsafe to have that kind of information laying around in a backup that is accessible without providing a password or something similar. To also backup all sensitive information you have the explicitly create an encrypted backup with iTunes. Such an encrypted backup should be enough to just restore on another device and be able to use your account completely again.

But the first thing you have to look for is if you have a backup of your private key stored somewhere. Always save your private key or create a QR code backup of your private key through one of the wallets. Some kind of private key backup is the only true backup of your account, which you should always create before you move any funds to that account. It is possible to regain access to your account through a device backup that was created with iTunes or iCloud, but that really is just a possible solution you check when you’re sure you haven’t backed up your private key, since a device backup isn’t a reliable backup when it comes to the NEM iOS wallet for the reasons i stated above.

When you restore a device backup and you get the message “failure_signature_not_verifiable” and the app crashes when trying to export the private key, that happens because the private key data for your account isn’t available (missing Keychain data).

To regain access to your account ask yourself if you have your private key written down somewhere or stored a QR code backup of your private key. Maybe you have imported your account on another device? Maybe you even have created the account on a desktop PC in the first place and see if you can recover the private key from there.

If you neither find your private key, nor a device backup that contains all necessary information to recover your private key, there sadly is no way to recover access to your account and funds.


Thank you for that information. I do have a back up the device on itunes. I am also looking for ways to find what date nem app was installed so i can search through notes around that day to possibily run into PK… One thing I do not understand is the device was restored from this same back up on itunes encrypted… So why is it that my PK didn’t transfer over.

I have access to iExplorer which allows me to search through my backup file. could you please PM me guide me on where I should search for my PK in the app folder?

Every time I try to send my funds from mobile wallet to the exchange the app crashed. In other words there is no way for me to send funds from my iOS wallet… I remember sending coins from POLONIEX to my iOS app to harvest… which didn’t work either… Please someone help get my coins backs!

Hello @Milad_AnGha
Have you your private key backup?
Harvesting can be started only from nanowallet (not mobile wallet)

When I set up the app I didn’t back up what was necessary… I wish I would have known and I wouldn’t have transferred coins to my iOS wallet… is there a fix on its way?? I would like to send my coins back to the exchange

@mizunashi @thomasoehri another problem with IOS mobile app


@mizunashi @thomasoehri … Please help

The app crashes when trying to export the private key because the private key data is missing. The question is why it is missing. Have you maybe switched from one device to another?

yes, but wallet still opens fine. And I see my coins… But when I try to send it just crashes… .Any fix to this coming any time soon???

Hi Thomas,

I’m reading everything I can to better understand what kind of problem I’m in. Right now I have about 17k XEM locked in my wallet. I understand that I should have saved my PK, but I didn’t. I unfortinelly trusted the iCloud backup to make everything work and that is where I’m now. I’m on a new device, the older was stolen but touchID opens the wallet juts fine.

I’m pretty sure my iCloud backup had Keychain checked but I’m getting all the errors you mentioned: crashing when trying the app password, can’t export the wallet, can send funds etc…

Since you said:

It is possible to regain access to your account through a device backup that was created with iTunes or iCloud, but that really is just a possible solution you check when you’re sure you haven’t backed up your private key

I wonder how would that be done. Should I look for something in the keychain?

I’m seeing some iCloud entries around the date I installed the app:

is this related?

Hope you can give me any hope.


As far as I can see, this an app related issue and nothing related to IOs. All of us had keychain backup on and still the app didn‘t take the PK.

Since its related to your app, I would appreciate if you could refund the coins I have in my wallet to a new wallet I‘ll create.

Hi Milad,

any updates on your issue?
I’m having a similar problem here…


No update… The NEM team really needs to take this matter a bit more serious. I wish I never downloaded the stupid NEM app… I got coins stuck in there and as the price of nem keeps going up I get more frustrated.

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I understand your disappointed and frustration when price is growing but there is warning when you create wallet that you should do backup with instructions how do it. So you all must ignore this warning.
I hope someone find solution to extract data from icloud/itunes if they are really some keychain data related with your old wallet.

Maybe someone from you have second device and can create second apple account and try restoring different type of backup from itunes / icloud and check which setting allow you to successfully restore wallet from backup. Of course nothing on your device / account which can override old data if exists. Unfortunately I don’t have backup so I can’t run such a check.

Well, Something is really worng anyway:

I was not using the wallet for a long time, but before a send funds to it i checks it it was opening. And it did with touchID.

It feel really wrong if the wallet opens but gives you no warning that the PK is missing. Why not at least give a big red waring that the PK is missing?

anyway… just sharing my frustration here… just lost a lot of money…

thanks for reaching out.

Yes. As far as I know this behaviour will change in next releases because now it looks like wallet should work (balance shows) and there is no private key…

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