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Optin and Testnet Updates


Testnet update


NEM Symbol Testnet Launch and v0.10.0 Release

Have just been announced on the forum at the link below


The desktop wallet has been updated


Wallets Update and revised plan - future comms will be on the wallet thread not this one and we will report back here with releases


Discussion Threads

We have started three forum discussion threads today:

Post Launch Opt-in

Node Monitoring and SuperNode Rewards Programme

Snapshot Block Height


Snapshot and Launch Process


Summary of Current State

Following todays post regarding snapshot and launch date, here follows a post with more detail around some of the elements involved with launch. Each component in isolation does not present an insurmountable risk but together they push launch back by a critical few days;

Wallets - Desktop wallet has been delivered before and Android wallets will be delivered on the 20th of November - the target date in the recovery plan - a fantastic achievement from the tech team in a very short time frame, given where we were just over 4 weeks ago. While we believe the wallet is complete for release, there is very tight testing time and the extra 1 month soak is expected to produce a more robust product. No new features will be added but bugs will be addressed and patch releases may be provided. There is still some testing required, particularly on the IOS mobile wallet, which we expect to take an extra few days to complete.

Core Server - Some issues were found (Finality and memory usage) and minor new functionality added (IPV6 and some future proofing on block types) . These proved to be a bit harder than initially thought and have introduced a few days delay beyond the comfort threshold of having Testnet patched with at least 1 month soak time remaining. This version of the core code is expected in the week ending 20th Nov so the work below can continue.

REST & SDK - Some of the changes to the Core Server above have minor knock on changes to REST + SDK, additionally some of the Wallet work have identified minor changes required. There is approx 3-4 days work required between the Core Server release and the full release candidate that can be tested prior to the Testnet Patch.

Testnet Patch - The above Core Server release requires a patch of Testnet, this going through final testing but will not be possible to release onto Testnet before the week ending 27th Nov (also requires the item below). This also represented a minor upgrade to the Testnet during the testing period, a process that will happen multiple times on the live Mainnet so it offers a good opportunity to test that process and approach.

Symbol Bootstrap Tool - While it is not required for launch, it has become widely used by some parts of the community and will be expanded to enable the upgrade of an existing node rather than requiring a full rebuild. There are also some security issues that should be resolved prior to using it on anything other than a Dev / Testnet, these will be released in a version as part of the Testnet Patching process

Node Monitoring and Supernode Programme - The additional work required to get the Wallets back on track has meant this has had to be deprioritised temporarily. The work is expected to be complete by late Nov/1st week of Dec. This allows 4-6 weeks of soak on the Testnet prior to launching on Mainnet

Tokenomics Updates - Some minor updates have been identified which will be communicated by Friday 27th November for consultation. These are relatively light in effort but cannot be completed until the snapshot date is known, which this announcement now confirms


Exchanges Supporting Launch

I have added a list of exchanges that have committed publicly to supporting launch

The Symbol Wallet Recovery Plan

A thread is here which shows the process to get wallets back on track by 20th November which resulted in the Desktop Wallet being released 2 days earlier than thought and the mobile wallets coming in on time

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15 Dec 2020 - Symbol released, 14th Jan Launch on Target

Wallets have now been released as well for the new testnet


POI Votes Relating to the launch of Symbol

Testnet Issues Updates

This post is to try and collect all the Testnet updates:

I will try and update this post as we have new posts and if I have missed any please let me know by DM here or telegram etc


Per David M’s post above:


February 2021 Discussion Topics

It is necessary to have various conversations, informational posts and general launch topics this month so I will collect them here for easy reference:


Desktop & Mobile Wallet + CLI Release 08 Feb 2021

This includes Ledger functionality for the desktop wallet


Nano Wallet v2.5.0 Release + Ledger Support for NIS1 & Opt In


NEM Symbol Release Announcement (15-Feb-2021)


Symbol Wallets - Desktop (0.14.1) and Mobile (0.4.3) Release - 19-Feb-2021


Symbol Launch Date and Snapshot Height Confirmed

  • Snapshot: 12th March 2021
  • Snapshot Height: 3,105,500
  • Launch: 15th March 2021



Symbol SuperNode Programme on Testnet